COVID-19 Reopening: Cubs Allowed To Hold Friday Night Games

The current night-game ordinance for Wrigley Field allows the team to play 35 night games a year, with more permitted if national TV networks request dates on Saturday or Sunday nights. In practice this has meant 29 home night games in an 81-date home season, with some of the permitted night dates given over to concerts. Overall the team can have up to 43 night dates, concerts included, more if they make the postseason.

Not permitted (other than for national TV) are night games on Friday or Saturday nights. This is an antiquated provision in the ordinance that was originally asked for by restaurant owners in the Wrigleyville area, fearful night baseball would hurt their Friday night sit-down meal business.

That was a silly worry then and, given the amount of turnover in the restaurant scene in the area over the last 30 years, something that doesn’t apply to Wrigleyville and Lakeview in 2020.

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