Seller Tips: Repairs are necessary

A lot can be wrong with your home, some things you may not even know about. It is important that you get your own inspection done before listing the home. If anything is caught that you weren’t aware of and could prevent the title from conveying, make sure you make the necessary repairs. Some of it may be costly, but if it’s a roof that you had to repair, the value of your home will go up because you just had the roof replaced. Any new appliances of the home will be more attracted to a potential buyer. They will be happy to know they don’t have to stress about it anytime soon when buying your home.

You want to catch any necessary repairs early on or it could hurt you down the road. If you are already far into negotiations, you may have spent a good amount of time and money on other things. All the stress you have gone through to finally get to the closing table just to find out that something came up in the buyer’s inspection report. Now you are back to square one. The buyer will either not continue until you have the repairs made, which will delay the transaction further, or pull themselves out of the contract entirely. Time is of the essence in real estate, make sure you aren’t wasting anyone’s time or it could hurt you.

Be sure you aren’t repairing or paying for anything that is unnecessary. Focus on the things that buyers are looking for and need to be repaired or upgraded. An example of something that you shouldn’t have to worry about is an unfinished basement. If the buyers want the basement finished, they can hire someone to finish it. Only the crucial necessities such as roof, HVAC, septic, leaks, cracks, etc. anything that may be a material fact that could stop title from conveying. Also, do not go crazy on the capital investments with repairs. You do not want to lose a ton of money since a lot of those things you may not make back in the sale of your home.